About Remedy IT Ltd

Terry has been involved in IT since 1993, starting out on DOS 5.5 and Windows 3.1. In 1999 he quit his factory job to persue a career in IT full time and worked for different companies to gain expericence in business systems and software. Remedy IT started in 2001 when he felt it was time to go alone. In 2004, Remedy IT became incorporated into Remedy IT Ltd.


We keep our prices and fees low by working from home in a dedicated home-office rather than having a commercial unit. We are proud by the level of sales that has been created by word-of-mouth rather than advertising.


Whilst based in the Midlands the company built up a good client base. We relocated to Devon in 2005 for a better family life. We still look after a client in the Midlands remotely and have built up a strong client base in North Devon and North Cornwall.


We believe this is testament to our proven record of good service and longevity.


We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability and are VAT registered