Consumer Support

The needs of the consumer are often very different to the needs of a business. Many computer shops will offer a generic style of support that isn't often what you need or even want.


At Remedy we are consumers as well as engineers. We offer the level of support and customer services that we would expect (or would dream of getting).


Business Support

Businesses rely on I.T. Its an investment that has to last and pay for itself.


With different versions of Windows, Office and other software packages it often makes sense to employ IT staff to keep that investment running smoothly and efficiently. However most companies don't have the funding to afford staff just for a specific role. This is where we come in.


Remedy IT Ltd can be your single point of contact for all your business support needs.

  • We take time to get to know you and your business needs
  • We can buy in Hardware and Software better suited to your needs rather than something that looked good on a website or in a paper

  • We can be an effective in looking after your system through a maintenance agreement

  • There's always someone on the phone to help you

It makes good business sense to talk to a support company before you need one. Why? because if you have never had anyone look at your system, they may see signs that usually go un-noticed.


Example 1.

We were asked to visit a consumer facing company in South Molton. They were considering networking two computers together. Our engineer had a look round and casually reported that the Power Supply Unit on the main desktop machine (which held their data) was indicating it was about to fail. Around three weeks later we were replacing a dead Power Supply Unit. They were unable to do anything until it was replaced.


Example 2.

While at a school, our engineer heard the secretaries CRT monitor (remember those?) giving off an unusual (but tell tale) noise. The engineer raised a concern that the high pitch noise was usually followed by a failure, however the main issue was that the noise could lead to tinnitus. The secretary confirmed that she had noticed an increase in tinnitus during the evening when away from the office. The monitor was replaced on health grounds.


Independent Financial Adviser Support

While an IFA may consider their business to be much like any other business. IFAs have another reasons to have dedicated support. They are specalised.


Very few computer companies exist to support the needs of an IFA business. Most support comes in the form of a helpdesk solution provided by software houses. And while they do provide good support, they are often very expensive or out of the area.


Most computer shops can fix a computer, but how many know about Data Protection, Compliance, or even what a wrapper is?? We do because we speak your language.


We believe we offer the best level of support for IFA's because we came from that background. We have many IFAs on contracts and have been involved with IFAs since 2001. Why? simply because once you find a good support engineer, you keep them for life. (same as high net worth clients)