Asset Management

Do you have enough software licenses?

May be you have too many!!

Do you know how many computers, printers, PDA,s and other devices you have?


Surprisingly not many companies keep a record of their equipment, in the event of a fire / flood / theft can you prove to the insurance assessors you had the equipment?


We visit your location(s), record your hardware and software, check on licenses, and if required report back to you on any unlicensed software that may be found. We also check to make sure your not 'over licensed' as sometimes buying in bulk doesn't save money.


Break Fix

Remedy IT Ltd currently undertakes Break Fix work on behalf a number of national companies. Because of Non Disclosure agreements we cannot disclose specific information, however we can tell you we work some Blue Chip companies, as well as many well know UK brands and worldwide PC manufacturers.

Remedy IT Ltd currently covers the South West region.


Disaster Recovery, Planning and Prevention

Sadly, ask any IT professional about loss of data and every one will tell you a story.


Would you like to hear about the girl that spent 3 years working for an FPC certificate then lost her course work?

Perhaps consider the family whose Hard Drive failed and have lost 2 years of family photos


Its sheer idleness that a backup isn't done, yet with so many inexpensive ways of backing up your data this isn't an excuse. We can visit your home or office, review your backup needs and suggest ways to setup semi or fully automatic backup strategies.


For businesses, there may be other factors such as number of people, offices, locations. There are solutions for every situation.


Or maybe you want to hear about the company that was run by a husband and wife. Sadly he lost his wife, but shortly after returning to work his computer hard drive failed and everything was irretrievably lost. We spent 4 months trying different disk recovery companies, but the drive was beyond repair.



Anti Virus and Anti spam are as important today as ever with new variants comeing out hourly, you need protection to keep your system safe. There are free decent Anti Virus packages available, but for peace of mind, a paid-for version will give more protection and faster updates.